Pushing through

I realize that often times, I feel very shy when it comes to talking about myself.  There is a voice in my head that is judgmental and fears what others may think of me.  It is concerned that I may say the wrong thing, sound silly, weak or uninteresting.  Wow!  How limiting.  I mean, though a part of me loves the stage, singing, acting and creating in the moment, In truth, I have this push-pull activity inside of me when it comes to expressing.  I want to be free and full in my expression, sharing all of myself.  But simultaneously, I also want to hide and hold back to stay safe.  Limit the risk of being called names or getting hurt.  A true challenge for an artist, because you really have no control over what anyone else thinks and the work is all about bearing your soul for the world.   I am writing this to push through the vulnerability and fear that makes me want to hide.  I am sharing these thoughts because I believe it is the starting point to my healing.  I hope my willingness to lay down this burden will assist others in doing the same so we can all be fully expressed in what we are here to do and be.  Deep down, I hear this call and trust it is my work to answer.

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