Pushing through  

I realize that often times, I feel very shy when it comes to talking about myself.  There is a voice in my head that is judgmental and fears what others may think of me.  It is concerned that I may say the wrong thing, sound silly, weak or uninteresting.  Wow!  How limiting.  I mean, though a part of me loves the stage, singing, acting and creating in the moment, In truth, I have this push-pull activity inside of me when it comes to expressing.  I want to be free and full in my expression, sharing all of myself.  But simultaneously, I also want to hide and hold back to stay safe.  Limit the risk of being called names or getting hurt.  A true challenge for an artist, because you really have no control over what anyone else thinks and the work is all about bearing your soul for the world.   I am writing this to push through the vulnerability and fear that makes me want to hide.  I am sharing these thoughts because I believe it is the starting point to my healing.  I hope my willingness to lay down this burden will assist others in doing the same so we can all be fully expressed in what we are here to do and be.  Deep down, I hear this call and trust it is my work to answer.

It's ON!!! 

I have this light beside my bed that I use for reading and easy access before heading off to sleep each night.  I've actually had it since college so it's been in my possession for a minute or two, doing a lovely job of nighttime illumination.  Recently I was out of town for several days.  When I returned, my light wasn't working anymore. I thought perhaps the bulb was out so I changed it.  Nothing.  Checked the cord.  Looked OK.  Put a few different types of bulbs in, but alas, it seemed the time had come for my sweet little desk lamp to retire.   There it's been sitting for a couple months now.  Don't ask me why I hadn't swapped it out yet, I just hadn't.  Meanwhile, I was using the overhead light and scented candles, (a bit risky to have fire so close to your head when you fall out as easily as I do)!  Well, today as I was straightening up behind the bed, I noticed the light wasn't plugged in.  No matter, I had already checked that the first time.  But just for the heck of it, I plugged it in, turned it on and what do you know...the light worked perfectly.  I don't know if there had been a short or something before, but the fact of the matter was, the light was working all along.  The lamp provided me with the opportunity to see things in a whole new way.  It just needed to be plugged in.  
This reminded me of an important truth principle operating in our lives.  That we are the light of the world.  We are unique, individualized lampshades of the Divine Wholeness and Brilliance of God.  We simply need to plug ourselves in with daily meditation and prayer and remember IT'S ON!  Just like the sun is always shining, the Spirit of Love is always providing us with the power to illuminate the world with our personal expression.  And it is our willingness to tap in to the Eternal and shine our light that allows darkness throughout the world to cease, revealing the glorious luminosity of Heaven here on Earth.  The song "We Are The Power" speaks to this.   There is no monolithic entity that dictates what we can and cannot do, no institution that resides over us.  There is simply a peaceful, graceful, joyous energy of Love that is available to us in the very moment we turn to it and remember we are It's creation.  We are God's own.  We are the light and when we are willing to shine, people will see the world in a whole new way.  A little brighter, a little clearer, much more beautiful.  Take the time to commit to this knowing and then be sure you are plugged in.  After that, IT'S ON my amazing friends. It's time to shine!!  

Favorite Jazz Songs 

So I am toying with the idea of creating a jazz standard CD, since I am so in love with jazz and it is a great influence in my music.  I heard this new song, "I Just Found Out About Love" which Niki Haris sang at a concert a month or so ago, (it was awesome!), and I totally have to sing that on this upcoming album!  I also love "Come Rain or Shine", "What a Wonderful World" and so many others.  But what do you think??  Got any favorites that you think would be exceptionally fun to include on a new CD?  Let me know!

Agape Theater Group 

Had such a fun time rehearsing with the Agape Theater Group tonight!  We are debuting such a great piece at the Revelation conference this week.  And I just love all the people in the cast. 

Cause for grinning 

Today I had the opportunity to bring some music down to Redondo Beach Spiritual Center which was fun.  So when I arrived, I discovered that my dear friend, Roz, was the other slated musical inspiration for the day.  It's always great to hang with her!  (And that girl can SANG AND write her a song).  That was a couple smiles.  Then, as I was sitting there, preparing to take the stage, I turned around and was so surprised to see a wonderful friend who had come out to support.  How fun was that?!!  I guess those facebook posts get read sometimes.  (Hey, if you haven't already, feel free to 'like' my music page.  Just click here).  I was sure smiling then.  After I left, I went to choir rehearsal at Agape where we had the last day of auditions and it was such a joy to hear all the wonderful voices and embrace the new choir members.    WELCOME!  Smiles for everyone!  

A Wonderful Voice Workshop! 

The February 4th RECLAIM YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE WORKSHOP was a wonderful experience as I coached a joyous group of individuals in Phoenix, AZ! Great Job, everyone!
Fabulous breakthroughs, lots of fun, and beautiful souls willing to express and shine their light!

I was smiling because... 

I was in the studio last night and am delighted to watch my latest music project, "Love's Conspiracy" unfold.  Was working on the song "Rhythm of Love" and it is so upbeat and positive, that it makes me smile.  How about you? What is bringing you joy today?